Hunger is a Solvable Problem

Who We Are

A foundational principle of the HSI is that hunger is a solvable problem, but only when the relevant knowledge from all academic disciplines is combined with the abilities and strengths of all sectors. By creating multi-sector partnerships at the community, state and global levels, HSI shares knowledge and best practices and creates multi-sector coalitions to leverage the power of collective action.

Emphasizes Human Sustainability

Founded within the disciplines of the human sciences, the HSI is human-centric, recognizing that the health and well-being of people is truly the foundation for long-term sustainability.

Connects Knowledge with Practice

HSI is dedicated to aggregating and disseminating the latest knowledge, research and best practices to those addressing hunger locally and globally.

Empowers Communities

Although solutions are pursued at every level, the HSI emphasizes those from the frontlines of hunger which can be community owned, operated and sustained.

Creates multi-sector partnerships

HSI's research and outreach strategy is to create knowledge coalitions, representing all academic disciplines, and to connect them with partners from the public and private sectors in the battle against hunger.