Undergraduate Minor in Hunger Studies

Auburn University has developed one of the only Hunger Studies minors in the country. Students representing every discipline – from agriculture to marketing, from finance to design – are welcome to apply their major studies in cross-disciplinary classes that interactively study and discuss how to solve hunger. The course is also available for credit online, and an online Hunger Certificate is also available.

The Hunger Studies curriculum is also available online as an independent study format. Here students will examine hunger as a complex issue of sustainable human development. Topics include causes and consequences of U.S. and global hunger, as well as current responses and potential solutions. This course will help students develop a skill set for global citizenship that includes opportunities for advocacy, leadership and critical problem solving. Students will also learn to apply critical thinking skills in addressing hunger as a multi-disciplinary, complex social issue. The certificate includes six units of study, and upon successful completion students will receive a Hunger Awareness Certificate from Auburn University’s Office of Professional and Continuing Education.

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Undergraduate Introductory Course to Hunger: Causes, Consequences, and Responses (HUSC 2000/2007)

  • Examine hunger as a complex issue of sustainable human development. Topics include causes and consequences of domestic and global hunger and potential solutions.

Honors College Course (HONR 1087)

Honors Interdisciplinary Exploration (HIE) is a new honors lyceum intending to bring together students and faculty from across Auburn University under the single umbrella of honors education. This is done through a topic-based structure, where every week students will either sit down for a discussion or travel to a field experience with a different instructor to learn about how one topic can be approached by several different fields. Guest professors will come from all of Auburn’s different colleges to provide a true interdisciplinary exploration of a topic. In light of Auburn’s historical relationship with agriculture and new campus initiatives related to food, the inaugural HIE topic will be Food. Students can expect to explore food from many different perspectives including engineering, agriculture, business, psychology, and literature.