State Coalitions

Hunger Free Higher Ed is developing a national network of college and university champions, organized by state-level coalitions of campus professionals who are focused on addressing basic needs security for students on their campus.

Existing coalitions:

  • Alabama Campus Coalition for Basic Needs
  • Kentucky Campus Coalition for Basic Needs

Champion HFHE in your state!

  • If you are eager to connect the good work your state is doing to address college student hunger with a network of like-minded professionals, please consider becoming a champion for your state’s coalition. The team at Hunger Free Higher Ed will guide you every step of the way to create a robust community of colleges and universities throughout your state working collaboratively toward a hunger-free world. Email for more information.

Upcoming Events

No events are scheduled at this time.

HFHE Paths

Paths to Hunger Free Higher Ed (HFHE Paths) is a digital platform tool that guides participating colleges and universities as they actively work toward Hunger-Free campuses. Each participating college and university will have access to resources at each step - Engage, Assess, Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Celebrate - and receives technical assistance from the HFHE team.

Research Collaboration

The following members of the HFHE team are exploring college student food-insecurity and welcome inquiries for research collaboration opportunities.

  • Onikia Brown, PhD
  • Crystal Garcia, PhD
  • Abbigail Hickey, PhD
  • Sara Gonzalez
  • Sarah Grace Kaschak