Who We Are

Research suggests 1 in 3 college students experience food insecurity. College student food insecurity can lead to impaired physical and mental health, resulting in decreased academic performance, delay of graduation, or ultimately dropping out of college.

Hunger Free Higher Ed (HFHE) seeks to foster collaboration, lead innovative research, and promote data-informed efforts to elevate systemic solutions for college student food insecurity at institutions of higher education.

To foster collaboration, colleges and universities collectively formed the Alabama Campus Coalition for Basic Needs (ACCBN). Each college or university also engages a campus coalition to lead student food security efforts. Partnering colleges and universities assess student food insecurity prevalence, target student indicators, and campus food aid resources and culture. Using data insights, partnering colleges and universities develop a plan for using systemic solutions to address college student food insecurity on their campuses. HFHE research explores prevalence and impact of food insecurity within higher education institutions along with effective strategies to alleviate college student food insecurity.